April 15, 2014

3rd Surgical Team Blends Education with Great Patient Care

By Nikki Emerson

Mayo Clinic Health System - Franciscan Healthcare has always been a leader in the education and development of incoming health care professionals.  Recently, the 3rd Surgical Team has come under new leadership, and he’s interested in furthering this tradition.

Stephen Carlson, R.N., Director of Patient Care - Nursing, is excited about his new position, and already feels welcomed in the family-like atmosphere of Franciscan Healthcare. He says, “The people here have been so welcoming and so friendly.”  He previously worked at Mayo Clinic in Rochester and is thrilled about the opportunities his new position provides. With his master’s degrees in Business Administration and Nursing from the University of Phoenix, Steve has a multi-layered background.

Steve truly believes this institution is a great choice for new nurses, as it allows them to couple the irreplaceable experience a health care setting offers, with the educational experience that only Mayo Clinic Health System affords. He speaks about the team’s involvement with students. “Every day when school’s in session, we have at least one student here. We try to provide whatever educational opportunity we can.”

When asked what he would tell a nurse considering employment with the Mayo Clinic Health System enterprise, Steve implores, “Do it!” He explains, “The thing that separates Franciscan Healthcare from anywhere else is that the mission, vision and values that we have is something that we live by. Knowing that the institution always has your best interest in mind is reassuring.”

Under Steve’s leadership, the 3rd Surgical Team looks to continue the tradition of education, and strive toward maintaining a constant level of excellence in patient care.

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