May 29, 2014

Counting the many blessings in my work … thoughts of a new mommy

By Julie Edwards

It's official ... my maternity leave has come to an end!  I recently returned to work after 12 wonderful wintery weeks of baby bonding time.  Yes, part of me was saddened that my wee one now had to learn to share me, for I would no longer be available anytime on demand.  On the other hand, I have returned to work with a rejuvenated sense of satisfaction and pride.  I have come to realize, from the perspective of a new mommy, how grateful I am to work for Mayo Clinic as an institution.

I quickly got back into the groove of my professional life, and during my initial days back at work got reacquainted with changes that occurred while I was away.  One might not think a lot could be different in three months but let me tell you, one might be wrong!  Just the mere fact that there were different alcohol wipes stocked on my unit threw me for a loop, not to mention my computer login screen looked just a little bit different.  That being said, my transition from sleepless nights with my baby to, well, sleepless nights working night shifts could not have gone smoother.  My work "family" was so supportive in reorienting me to new policies, and it was nice to share pictures and stories of my little ones as well as catch up with my colleagues.  I love the people I work with, so my re-entry into the working world was that much more enjoyable.  I am very fortunate to have an employer that supports me and the well-being of my child by providing lactation rooms and supplies.  How nice is that?  Also, the opportunities for work hours and shifts that best facilitate the ideal work-life balance for my family is priceless!  We all know there is more to life than work, but loving what I do is a big piece of my overall happiness.  I am counting the many blessings in my work, because refreshed gratitude allows me to be the best nurse I can be -- which, of course, is one of the many roles in my life!

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