June 9, 2015

Developing a Stronger Foundation for New Graduate Nurses

By Dana Smith

There are thousands of facilities that hire new grad nurses to fill nursing opportunities.  Of course they train and provide an onboarding program but, is it enough to help new nurses gain the skills and knowledge at the beginning of their career?  Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida offers a Nurse Residency program that is recruiting top students from around the country, has low turnover, is changing the lives of many new grad nurses and ultimately creating better patient outcomes while strengthening the skills and confidence of the new graduate.

According to Maria Becker, RN, “The program helped me gradually adjust to my role as a nurse, providing a 12 week orientation with a nurse preceptor, residency classes in varying topics every month, shadow experiences in different departments, and a nurse mentor for the first year. I remember going home each day after my first weeks and thinking that there were so many little things I learned that day that I did not know before. For a while it was all about the little successes throughout the shift, giving myself credit for something I didn’t know how to do a day earlier. It was also so nice to have a nurse mentor, someone I could talk to when I was nervous about my first shift on my own,  had a difficult shift, experienced my first code, or what she did in a similar situation, etc. I think having a mentor in the nursing profession, especially as a new nurse, is so important and can really make a difference in that first year out of school adjusting to the RN role.”


Maria Becker, RN started in the Nurse Residency Program in 2012.

Rachel Shad, RN, “I think the aspect of the program that is most helpful is being able to have a group of peers who are all at the same stage of their careers, that are able to come together in a group and share stories, offer advice and just have open discussions about the different struggles and successes they are having on their individual units.  It helps normalize some of the stresses and pressures that you experience during your first year of nursing.”

Rachel Shad, RN started Nurse Residency in 2013.

Rachel Shad, RN started in the Nurse Residency in 2013.

Recently the Nurse Residency program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida was highlighted in Nursing Management Magazine, to read the article please visit this link.  Reeling in RN's with a residency program 

For more information visit our website at Nurse Residency in Florida.

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