March 14, 2014

Great place for a new grad, varied and complex with all the resources to support you in your career!

By Ann Ballard

Hi! I’m Ann, a medical ICU nurse here at Mayo. I’ve been working for Mayo for almost 14 years now. I first came to Mayo as a nursing student -- we had some of our clinicals here. I was so impressed with the variety of specialties and resources at hand that I thought I’d apply after I graduated. When I was hired, I started on a general medical floor, since I didn’t have my heart set on any particular specialty. What a great place to start as a new grad! Medical patients are so varied and complex that you have to know a little about a lot of different diseases and conditions. And then you have to know where the resources are to look up what you don’t know!

Care Team utilizing Technology

We provide the resources to support you in your career.

One of the specialties that my medical floor had was diabetes. With my nurse manager’s encouragement, after a year, I started a job share position with the Diabetes Consulting Service. I rotated two months on the service and then two months on the floor. I learned a lot about diabetes management and also did a lot of patient education regarding home management of diabetes. That also helped hone my teaching skills for discharge education on the floor. I did the job share for three years and then rotated off.  There are so many different opportunities for your nursing career here.

I’ve had a chance to precept new RNs and Summer 3s. That has been a great opportunity, too -- it reinforces what I know and why.  I felt very comfortable and experienced -- I like sharing what I know. When I felt I needed more a challenge after 10 years, I decided to apply for the medical ICU.  It was a welcome change and challenge -- we get some very sick patients. It has enhanced my critical thinking skills, and I have that great experience from working on the medical floor.

And have I mentioned the teamwork? No? Silly me! The teamwork is fabulous! I never feel alone when I’m having a really busy admission or my patient is crashing. My co-workers are right there helping, often without being asked. We just do it because we are there for the patient and for each other. That always makes my day.


Ann Ballad, RN

Medical ICU Nurse

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